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Unrecognized devices


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Recien e comprado una suscripción para 4 dispositivos, y me aparecen 2 conectados, sin embargo no me sale los dispositivos conectados. 
Hice el cambio de contraseña y borré todos los dispositivos, pero siguen ahí. Cómo puedo solucionarlo porque me apacere "suscripción sobreutilizada" y aún no e conectado mis dispositivos.

Machine translation:

I have just purchased a subscription for 4 devices, and 2 appear connected, however the connected devices do not appear.
I changed my password and deleted all devices, but they are still there. How can I solve it because "subscription overused" appears and I haven't connected my devices yet.

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Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English.

I've created a support ticket on behalf you so I assume the usage should be updated in ESET HOME after the weekend.

Do you recognize the other 2 ESET HOME accounts that had your subscription added? Doing so requires license ownership verification by you, the license owner.



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We have synced the data for your license and ESET HOME shows now correct usage:

There are 2 devices activated with your subscription, one that is connected with ESET HOME and one that is not connected (DESKTOP-01xxxFD). Then there are 2 units shared with 2 other persons / email addresses:


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