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Cannot Activate Nod32 & No Response Frome ESET Tech Support


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Have a active license for Nod32 is three months old.


Nod32 was working with out any issues for about 3 months. Ran an up date then asked that Nod32 be activated. This started three weeks ago. Click on the activation button nothing happens and or Nod32 will activate. When Nod32 up dates then requested to activate again. The activation link is not working but the purchase Nod32 Link is working. 


Sent three support tickets to ESET tech support and never had a response from Tech Support been patiently waiting thinking the Holidays might have impacted there response time.


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I don't know where your from however you might be better off phoning the Tech Support.  I know that there is a phone number in the UK at least.  


However could you possibly tell us what version of NOD 32 you are using and what operating system as we might be able to help you here.

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"Ran an up date then asked that Nod32 be activated."


What kind of update ?


If you already have activated NOD32 and the VSD updates has been working normal for months, it shouldn't ask you to activate again just like that.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for the replies very much appreciated. I was sending e mails to tech support for help and after seven days received an e mail from sales department asking me to give them a phone call.  


Had a virus and the OS after Nod32 could not be activated again. The OS was showing not original install. May have blocked Nod32 and Nod32 asked for a activation. Clicked on the activation button. It would not open ESET web sight. The purchase button would open ESET web sight. Un installed Nod32 using there utility thru command prompt.


Installed Norton Internet security and found a virus pirated the OS..


Have done the following.


Thru elevated command prompt/Diskpart/List Disk/Select disk #. (0 is the c: drive) Clean all did this on all 5 hard drives then did a fresh installation of windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit F-10 elevated command prompt/Clean All. aligned the ssd and created a new volume. Installed the O.S..


Not blaming ESET for the virus and I want to make that perfectly clear. Down loaded a number of Pay ware aircraft for Flight Simulator X from Flight One and I believe that is when the virus was introduced to this computer. Do not surf the net web sights I go on is very limited.


If down loading from a secure web sight can a virus install from a different web sight? Nod32 was disabled when doing the down load did not want the down load corrupted by Nod32. Take full responsibility for the virus on my computer. 


Thank you for the replies.


Will give ESET a phone call thank you for providing the list.

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Yes, if you disable protection in order to download a file, you are asking for trouble. There is a reason the file was getting corrupted by ESET.

LOL ESET was disabling the file because it was harmful.


Good luck

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Yeah that isn't a recommended thing to do, at all.  It's like taking on your seat belt after crashing with your car.


You could actually have scanned the file manually after downloading it, before you executed the file.

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If down loading from a secure web sight can a virus install from a different web sight?


Well if you mean with "secure website" the official website, because otherwise "secure website" is a very relative term, then yes (if I cross this different out).


  • the site/connection (see DNS) could be faked, so it isn't the official site but a faked one.
  • when downloading the file over a not-secured connection it could be modified, so you get a different file.
  • and of course also the official site could be infected/hacked.


So just don't disable ESET NOD32 and if it detects something don't ignore this warning, but research about the detection. Additionally you should now the differences between the threats, especially the difference between a "normal" threat and a PUA.


Edit: Changed the text because of a small mistake :): Of course not "you could be faked", but the "site could be faked"...

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rugk thank you for the reply. Read the links you provided.


The web sight is Flight1 this is the link and it is not a fake web sight it is a secured web sight.




Maybe I did not make it clear.


When doing a down load from a secured web sight Flight One or A2A only with anti virus disabled is it possible to get a virus from the internet? Not from the down load web sight? rugk your reply is yes if there server has been corrupted.


It is often recommended that the AV be disabled when down loading so the down load does not get corrupted.


1. Down load applications from Flight One and A2A only for Flight Simulator X. Do not down load pay ware that Flight One or A2A did not develop. Never down load from any other sights. Nod32 with GEX from Flight one does recognize the GEX interface as a False Positive saved has 2 locations in the root directory and in User Name/Appdata folder.


2. All ways save the down load to the desk top and never install when down loading. Example Flight One Beach 200 or A2A B-17.


3. After the down load completes log off the net and then run the A.V. to scan the folder and after the AV scan is completed then run Malawarebytes. 


4. After the folder is opened a second scan same as step 3. 


5. After installation of the add on for Flight Simulator X there is a third full system scan made and again Malawarebytes.


7.The system is cleaned includes the original down load on the desk top. Start/all Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Clean up.


Called ESET USA since they asked me to give them a phone call. International phone call. Talked to tech support and sales. Recommended I purchase a USA License in order to receive tech support USA. The issue is still unresolved. ESET USA Tech Support said my e mail address is not on file. Explained the license is Asia License explains why ESET USA does not have my e mail on file.


Cannot register ESET Nod32 period. The OS had to be registerd again prompted this is not a valid copy of Wiindows 7 Ultimate 64 bit full retail version. Please read below. Want to insure there is not virus or malware on this computer.


Wiped the hard drives clean thru elevated command prompt. DiskPart/List disk/Select Dis #/Clean All takes about 1 1/2 hours per 300 Gb.


Installed windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit at windows at the language prompt/F-10 elevated command promp. DiskPart/List Disk/Select Disk 0 = C: Drive/Clean All. This will completely clean the HD. Clean will still leave traces on a HD it is necessary to run clean all.


Diskpart: create Disk Partition Primary




Format FS=NTFS


align=1024 Do this on all HD including SSD & Platter drives. 


Exit Exit.


Install the OS and tried to install Nod32. Same issue cannot register ESET Nod32.  


1. Why should I be asked to make a international phone call for tech support. Tech support should be given thru your local region of the world and should not require a international phone call for support. 


2. ESET USA recommended I purchase a second license from the USA in order to get tech support from the USA. Since the License is issued in Asia ESET/Active Media Thailand is a third party and or ESET. The purchase was made direct thru the following link. The purchase is thru ESET Thailand is exclusively distributed by Active Media. ESET Tech support is thru Active Media either a second party company and or ESET. Receive support tickets have not received a phone call from support. yes I have tried calling the local support phone number. Left messages asking them to call back.




3. Why should I purchase a license in the USA and have to make a international phone call for tech support when I have a current license thru ESET/Active Media. That does not make since.


***********Is it possible for the internet provider to block the registration process for ESET?********* The registration process was working but stopped November 2014.


I apologize if I sounded rude rather frustrated with this situation. Trying to get this issue resolved and appreciate any recommendations. 


At a point I will have no other choice to purchase another AV software if this issue cannot be resolved. Prefer to run ESET AV software very light on system resources and ESET has been around since the beginning and has a very reputable reputation. When you read the reviews on ESET software it is very good product. It may be an issue in this area only or may be missing a step and possibly a language issue?


Thank you have a great day.



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Hi Larry, just an FYI


hxxp://www.flight1.com - This is not a secure website.

If it were secure it would be like this https://www.flight1.com

and if you go to the web server or site on port 443, it tells you its not an encrypted sight.


You can still get malware and viruses from secure sites, secure only means the connection between you and the website is encrypted and theoretically or mostly no one can intercept your traffic to and fro.


For your activation problem, what you could do is have a moderator here check your license for validity. If it is not a valid license, then you have to purchase or if you already did through ESET Thailand, then you have to receive support from them or the distributor/partner/sales person who you bought from.

ESET's headquarters are located in Slovakia and USA. There are 5 other offices in different regions and contact info here : hxxp://www.eset.com/int/about/contact/

Here is all partners / distributors , areas : hxxp://www.eset.com/int/partners/find/


If you did not purchase through the main website, whichever partner you bought from has to provide support for you.

You can't phone an office in another country and get support, unless you purchased from that region.

However you could always receive support from the main offices if your license is valid.


There have been times when licenses have been invalid, or wrongly sold, or even mistakes where partners were not given authentic licenses.

They usually lose their partnership or are dealt with accordingly once recognized.


As far as these support forums go, we are here for anyone using ESET products in any country, but its free help, and there is only so much we can do unless you are in our area as well.

As a partner myself, I could help with license issues if you lived in the south central area of the US, no where else am i allowed to support with license issues etc,

i have to defer to a moderator or someone in your area also !


Hope you get everything resolved.

The most help i could give is maybe a trial for your frustrations.

If i were you, Protecting your PC is paramount, and i would uninstall ESET that won't activate, and reinstall with a new download Trial for now so you get the full protection at least till this is sorted out, respectively !

When reinstalling just choose trial. You will have a 100% activated product and fully functional. :)



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Sorry to hear about your problems, it is wrong to re-direct your support case to the U.S. customer service if you didn't buy the license from there.


No, you should not need to disable your AV whether you use ESET NOD32 or any other AV to make sure the download does not get corrupted, if anyone have to do that then I would advice that person to change product.


Like Arakasi said, you should consider to get your license checked to make sure it is valid.


https is what we call a secure connection. http is not.  But that doesn't mean you can't get malware in downloads from secure websites, or should disable your AV while going to https websites.


""Nod32 with GEX from Flight one does recognize the GEX interface as a False Positive""


What is it detected like ? (detection name by NOD32)


If the Thailand support is unable to help and get this sorted for you, we will do out best so you can continue to use the product. But before we continue it would be good to get your license checked.

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Will have my license verified as recommended. Then start from that point after the license is verified.


Thanks to all of you for the support, explanations and concern very much appreciated. The positive side to this it is a challenge how ever it is a good opportunity to learn. 


Thank You



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Active Media is the ESET Representative in Thailand only way you can purchase ESET and or get tech support from ESET Thailand. 


Have contacted Active Media and or ESET Thailand including the USA international did not provide support. Sent a PM to one of the admins here asking the Admin if they could verify my license. No response from Admin. Appreciate all of the help from the members on this forum making recommendations thank you. It is my regret I will not purchase again and or use any ESET products currently or in the future. 


Issue cannot activate License appears neither ESET cares or has concerns about customer issues and support is extremely poor.


1. Nod32 cost 999.00 thru Active Media. Purchased direct from ESET web sight links to ESET Thailand is Active Media. Purchase Date 09-26-2014 Active license thru 09 26 2015


2. Support thru USA not available unless you purchase a new License. Non since. Should provide support on a international basis since it is a ESET product.


3. Replies back from Admin on this sight none.


4. Issue cannot Activate the license.


5. Number of phone calls made 15 to ESET Thailand (Active Media). Number of international phone calls to ESET USA 1. Number of support tickets sent to ESET USA. 8. Number of support tickets sent to ESET Thailand 9. Number of confirmed USA 1. Thailand 9.  


6. Support none. ESET (Active Media) Thailand. 


Thank You



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This is starting to get silly, I really feel sorry for you, but hang in there we must get this sorted for you after all the phone calls you've made and emails you've sent, this case has been handled totally wrong, someone must have screwed up at some level.


Please send a PM with your license info to Marcos and he should be able to verify it. Maybe you sent the PM to another Mod that doesn't login as often on the forum ?


Perhaps ESET should consider to terminate the partnership with Active Media if they aren't better than this at providing customer support. If they can't provide decent customer support for the products they sell, then they shouldn't sell the products.


Afaik, you only have a small license issue which shouldn't be this hard and time consuming to get fixed. 


"It is my regret I will not purchase again and or use any ESET products currently or in the future."


I can understand you feel that way, but please don't. The real problem here isn't ESET, but Active Media that seem to have a non existent (or at least very incompetent) support department that makes ESET look like dirt.

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  • Administrators

Active Media is indeed your support provider as you purchased the license from them. You've mentioned that you called them several times but it's not clear if it was during work hours in Thailand or when. Also their phone support could have been limited during the feasts when you attempted to reach them. Regarding the new purchase from the US, they do not sell to other countries so this is never an option.

Please drop me a pm with your username/password or whatever information you have to identify your license and I will look into it. You can also check license validity yourself in the program's gui.

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