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  1. Active Media is the ESET Representative in Thailand only way you can purchase ESET and or get tech support from ESET Thailand. Have contacted Active Media and or ESET Thailand including the USA international did not provide support. Sent a PM to one of the admins here asking the Admin if they could verify my license. No response from Admin. Appreciate all of the help from the members on this forum making recommendations thank you. It is my regret I will not purchase again and or use any ESET products currently or in the future. Issue cannot activate License appears neither ESET cares
  2. Will have my license verified as recommended. Then start from that point after the license is verified. Thanks to all of you for the support, explanations and concern very much appreciated. The positive side to this it is a challenge how ever it is a good opportunity to learn. Thank You Larry
  3. rugk thank you for the reply. Read the links you provided. The web sight is Flight1 this is the link and it is not a fake web sight it is a secured web sight. hxxp://www.flight1.com Maybe I did not make it clear. When doing a down load from a secured web sight Flight One or A2A only with anti virus disabled is it possible to get a virus from the internet? Not from the down load web sight? rugk your reply is yes if there server has been corrupted. It is often recommended that the AV be disabled when down loading so the down load does not get corrupted. 1. Down load appli
  4. Thank you for the replies very much appreciated. I was sending e mails to tech support for help and after seven days received an e mail from sales department asking me to give them a phone call. Had a virus and the OS after Nod32 could not be activated again. The OS was showing not original install. May have blocked Nod32 and Nod32 asked for a activation. Clicked on the activation button. It would not open ESET web sight. The purchase button would open ESET web sight. Un installed Nod32 using there utility thru command prompt. Installed Norton Internet security and found a virus pira
  5. Have a active license for Nod32 is three months old. Nod32 was working with out any issues for about 3 months. Ran an up date then asked that Nod32 be activated. This started three weeks ago. Click on the activation button nothing happens and or Nod32 will activate. When Nod32 up dates then requested to activate again. The activation link is not working but the purchase Nod32 Link is working. Sent three support tickets to ESET tech support and never had a response from Tech Support been patiently waiting thinking the Holidays might have impacted there response time.
  6. The only changes required for Nod 32 is the following changes for Flight Simulator X System. Again have NOD32 set up specifically for this computer set up for Flight Simulator X. Do not recommend these settings for the average user. 1. Tools Scheduler Regular Automatic Up Date is checked Changed the Auto up date times to 480 Minutes equals 8 hours. 2. Advanced Settings/Tools/System Up Dates includes Windows Up Dates drop down window select Never. Not recommended unless you are a advanced user and familiar with O.S. hardware and apps. Purpose for the disable do not want windows up dating
  7. New to the forums and ESET have Nod32 installed. Used Norton products for years decided to try Nod32 since it uses less system resources and a very good anti virus software. Looking for a Pass Word Tool to remember various pass words for different log ins. Does ESET have a Utility to remember Pass Words? The Pass Word tool is mentioned in the ESET training videos. If not would some one please recommend one. The only one I am familiar with is the Norton Pass Word Tool. Thank You LarryA
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