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"Secure all browsers" breaks the Windows 11 emoji panel!

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I had just installed E.I.S. the other day and was happily going about my internet business until I found that the search function on my Windows 11's 'Win+.' emoji shortcut panel was broken. Whenever I was trying in input search words into the search box, random characters would pop up instead: that essentially made the emoji search function useless. It took me a while for the correlation to dawn on me but, when it did, I disabled the 'secure browsers' option in EIS and - voila! - the emoji panel started working properly again. I'm sure some people will scoff and say "Pffft! Just don't use the emoji panel! It's just a useless toy.": to which I'd say - " No, the emoji panel is indispensable to me. That's not an answer". I don't know whether there's a conflict between EIS and my keyboard software (Logitech G HUB) or what but can somebody look into this?

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Yes, it's a known issue already reported before: https://forum.eset.com/topic/36106-windows-11-cant-use-emoji-picker-with-secure-browser/

Unfortunately it's not possible to identify the process that could be excluded which would enable us to make it work. We track it internally as a bug in case a solution or workaround could be found in the future.

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