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Active Directory Scanner and .Net errors


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First time running the scanner throws a fatal error, "The required library hostfxr.dll could not be found." and directs to the .Net Core runtime page. So I downloaded the Core Runtime 7.0.10 version (documented as prerequisite).

On the second run, I got the same hostfxr.dll error. Google indicated that the .Net Runtime 'Hosting Bundle' (not x64 package) install fixes this issue.

After installing the 'Hosting Bundle', on the third run it finds the 7.x framework, but then I get, "To install missing framework, download..."

This download link points to the .Net Core 3.1 runtime, which is flagged by Microsoft as end of life and no longer supported.

Is this the case that Active Directory Scanner will only run with a deprecated version of .Net?

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Also curious why the AD Scanner requires the 'Agent GPO Deployment Script' in order to run?

What purpose does it serve?

For reference, here's the error presented when the file is not present:

2023-09-01 10:52:31.8371 ERROR ActiveDirectoryScanner Program failed with error System.Exception: Please ensure GPO configuration C:\adscanner\ActiveDirectoryScanner\install_config.ini is present.
   at ActiveDirectoryScanner.GPOScriptLoader.LoadConfigruation() in d:\jenkins\workspace\ADScanner\src\Products\RemoteAdministrator\Src\Tools\ActiveDirectoryScanner\ActiveDirectoryScanner\GPOScriptLoader.cs:line 187
   at ActiveDirectoryScanner.Program.Main(String[] args) in d:\jenkins\workspace\ADScanner\src\Products\RemoteAdministrator\Src\Tools\ActiveDirectoryScanner\ActiveDirectoryScanner\Program.cs:line 294
2023-09-01 10:52:31.8682 INFO ActiveDirectoryScanner Program finished

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