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My online Eset Account has been Hacked and I can't get any help.


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Can anyone here help me to reset my password for my online Eset account login. I can suppy the product/license keys but apparrantly the hacker changed the PW reset and PW reset won't work. Also couln't reach anyone by phone, chat, or email over the weekend apparently even though I tried all day on Friday.


I can provide product IDs and Keys for Enod and Security software.


On the phone to any department including support, a recording said offices were closed and offices hours were open till 6PM PST on Fridays. The time I got this recording was 3:00 PM PST on Friday.


Chat didn't work, Email was no help.


It's now Sunday and still havent been able to reach anyone.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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If you mean your myESET account was hacked then you can reset your password. That the only simple way I know.


If you have enabled Anti-theft I would firstly uninstall ESET Smart Security and maybe reinstall it (I don't know if the Anti-theft setting will be adopted) or temporarily install NOD32 (you can use the ESS license for this - that's not a problem). Otherwise the hacker could track your devices.

Secondly if you had used social media scanner, you should be able to disallow the access for ESET social media scanner from Twitter/Facebook settings.


Thirdly try again to contact the ESET support again.

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