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full control of my pc is now by a hacker

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This zip file was sent to me, i opened a file inside that with the name of password

now the hacker bridge into my system and can access my screen and my files he's also sending that corrupted file within my pc to other people in my contact list

so please help

zip file

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10 minutes ago, Marcos said:

The archive is password protected. What's the password to open it and unpack?

Since MediaFire download didn't note password use or what it is, I suspect that download will show the password upon access access by WinZip. 

Notice the WinZip download option on the same web page? Perhaps that is a hacked version - redirect to fake WinZip web site?

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Additional details are need here.

What prompted you to perform the MediaFire download?

Did you receive an e-mail from a supposed trusted source that contained the download link and the password to enter upon WinZip extraction?

Or, did the same above activity result from some web site you accessed?

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