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ESET MSP Endpoint Encryption

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Since days we are waiting for feedback - nothing ... CASE_00533890

Our customer installed an ESET agent. The drive is not encrypted for now, but he can't start the computer. Ursachencode 2 - Metainformationen nicht gefunden.

According to Protect Cloud the computer is NOT encrypted.

So it is not possible to create a restore stick.

We did a diagnostic and wrote log files. This step takes more than 59 hours for a 20 TB HDD - horrible.

We sent all to support, but no feedback.

Anyone who can help? As I have seen different other users had the same problem. How was it solved?

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We apologize for the delay on behalf of the German support. We have escalated the issue so that the case is treated with high priority. Should you not get a response in a timely manner, feel free to contact me.

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Great thanks. If the case is solved I will post the solution here, because as I see, different user already had a similar / the same problem in the past.

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