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EEE Server is reporting new version, but is pointing to older version


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My EEE Server is reporting a new version available, but prompting that its 3.4, and even downloads that version, even though thats the version im on currently!

Checking the ESET Website, it should be offering 3.5. Not sure what's happening there

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The EEE server has it's own update server which is independent from the ESET website. The update server we populate with a new version some time after the release of a product, this is done to slow down the rate in which existing systems are updated in the case of any issues. The ESET website always has the latest version available to download in case users want to update immediately or you need to perform a fresh installation.

The update server will be updated with version 3.5.0 sometime soon however if you do want to upgrade to version 3.5.0 now, there should be no problem if you download it from the ESET website and run the installer manually.

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If you're already on the version that's being prompted, you're safe to click to ignore the prompt.

We did make a very small back end tweak today which might have caused that to pop-up. I'll check it within a test environment just to make sure. But as I've said, if it's the same version then there's nothing to worry about

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