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Duplicate IP on Network


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I received a duplicate IP on network alert from ESET. The alert said another computer was attempting to send malicious traffic on the network. I didn't click on the alert to see more information. I spoke with their tech support and they said my device was likely assigned a new IP address if I'm no longer receiving the alert (which I'm not). I'm still concerned the issue isn't resolved. 

I live with roommates and we have multiple devices on the network. I'm not aware of all of them. It's mostly phones and laptops connected through wifi. 

I'm using ESET NOD32. I have an HP Pavilion Notebook running Windows 10 and an iPhone SE 2020 on the network using wifi. My router is through Verizon. I also use a Google Nest wifi extender. 


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Somebody connected to the same network (wired or wi-fi) might have a static IP address assigned which collided with yours. There's no need to be concerned, especially given that you are not getting the notification any more.

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