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HTML/Phishing.Agent.BUJ trojan // cleaned by deleting

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Since 7 days ago I've been seeing this pop up notification about this HTML/Phishing.Agent.BUJ trojan thread found. It's saying it has been cleaned by deleting but it keeps popping up this message. 

I looked for the file in the computer and I deleted but even when I did that it didn't work. 

I am not exactly sure if I opened a link or what is the cause of this thread. I would like to know what can I do to delete for sure this threat from my computer. 

I already run a deep scan and it's saying that there are no threats.

Please help!




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The file keeps being re-created by the application: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CloudKitDaemon.framework/Support/cloudd (3512586AF44D531F2FF16C5C3E81DBB32AB93238).

It appears to be related to iCloud so make sure you don't have the phishing html in your iCloud container.

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I don't use iCloud so maybe somebody who use it will be able to help you. I assume that if a file is deleted locally, it should be deleted in the cloud upon the next sync.

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