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ESET Cyber Security for Apple Mac Studio with M1Ultra silicon

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I have an Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra silicon.  I would like to download ESET Cyber Security.  However, the current version requires Rosetta to run.  I DO NOT want to use Rosetta.  I want a version of Cyber Security that NATIVELY runs on Apple's silicon.  Will there be a version of ESET Cyber Security for Mac that will be released that runs natively on M1 Macs? If so, when will this product be released? 

I emailed customer support to ask about this, and I also used the chat function on the web site. However, the responses I got were cookie cutter responses that did not answer the question that I asked.  Instead, the responses simply directed me to download the existing version of ESET cyber security.  I think whoever answered both either didn't understand the question that was being asked or giving a stock response.  I tried asking in chat four or five different ways, but the answer never addressed the question that I was asking. 

Thank you!

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1 hour ago, Marcos said:

ESET CyberSecurity with native support of ARM-based M1 CPUs is planned for 2023.

Is it possible to give a more exact release date? One it was end of 2022. is it delayed?

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ETA for ESET CyberSecurity v7 is 23Q1 (maybe earlier), for ESET CyberSecurity Pro it's 23H2.

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