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Phantom account creation failed.

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I have been trying for several months without luck to create a Phantom account for my laptop computer. I have tried turning the service off and on again but it will still not let me make the phantom account. What am I doing wrong here before I lose my mind and uninstall ESET. 


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OK, this no longer makes sense, I have made the Phantom Account called "Bill" as you can see in my screenshot. However ESET still insists there is no Phantom account made. If I hit the refresh button this does not change. Do I need to reboot my laptop to make this update perhaps?


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Right OK. So you do have to reboot after creating a Phantom Account otherwise ESET does not detect the fact a Phantom Account has been made. I don't remember having to reboot the other machine I setup a Phantom account on. But  if you encounter this error, reboot and then ESET will stop bitching about there not being a Phantom account.


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Changes made via the Anti-Theft portal are not reflected immediately on devices. Maybe there's a problem with EPNS push notifications which substantially speeds up synchronization, otherwise you may need to wait a couple of hours or reboot the machine to enforce synchronization.

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Yes, I have now rebooted the Laptop and now it shows that a Phantom account has been made. And as soon as I login to the Phantom account sends me an email alerting me that someone has logged into the Phantom Account. 

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