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Open Server Port Protection?

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I have the following ports open for my Win10 Pro server for various games we run as a group. These are required so I can't alter them. (ARMAIII) 2302-2306, 2344, 2345, (DCS SRS) 5002, (DCS) 10308 and (LOTATC) 10310. I noticed some high activity on my internet connection a couple days ago and disconnected the system from the net. I spoke with the developers and was told that a lot of port sniffing goes on but they can't really get past the router firewall and that the Windows firewall also protects them. All the remote desktop stuff is disabled and the firewall is active. There are no applications on the server that can be used for remote desktop access either. I've enabled the success and failure logs for Windows security logging and haven't seen anything unusual.

ESET Internet security has been working really well so far but I haven't seen anything in the logs and my questions are:

Are these ports protected by it?
Why haven't I seen anything in the logs?
Is there anything additional I can do to protect it?

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