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Question | How to remove the "macOS Review device control rules" warning clients receive


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27 minutes ago, Marcos said:

It should be possible when deploying ESET via Jamf as per:


Thanks for answering Marcos. 
Quick silly question: 
Does ESET Bundle AV with JAMF Pro License? 
Since I assume the answer is "no" how idoes that answer solves my issue? 
Isn't there a way to simply "mute alert" under the ESET Mac policy > User interface > Display alerts \ Protection Status? 

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Sorry @Marcos- it is not my intention to offend or be disrespectful, however you do understand that you can have a product be dependant on a different unrelated product. 
If ESET were to sell a bundle \ some kind of a deal that included JAMF, I'd be all in for it! 

but since this isn't the case, I would appreciate if ESET could take it up a notch and find alternative solutions \ workarounds in the form of disabling such warnings. (especially when there are no rules to view in the first place, you just have to click the gui to make it go away) 

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I stand corrected, I got confused and didn't understand what you meant. Please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor and provide also a screenshot of the notification for clarification.

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