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ESET And IFTTT - Put The Internet Work For You - With Eset?

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Because I saw that ERA already is able to work with Pulseway, an app for remote managing and notifications, I got another idea.



The ESET robot looking at the IFTTT website, created by @rugk


What is IFTTT?


If this then than (short IFTTT) is an online service where you can "put the internet work for you". You can connect many online services, apps or other things so that they do actions for you.

These online devices are called "Channels". In so called Recipes, you can connect this Channels together. It uses the simple conditional sentences "If this then that", that means if an action happens then an thing will go on.

E.g. you can use recipes like "If a new Bings Image of the day is published then set is as my Android Wallpaper". In this example the "new Bings Image of the day" would be the trigger and "set is as my Android Wallpaper" is the action that is performed.


More information:

  1. IFTTT homepage
  2. IFTTT about
  3. Wikipedia article about IFTTT

What has this to do with ESET?


I think ESET could also include ERA there. If they would add a channel for ERA then this could extend the notification system of ERA. E.g. these recipes would be possible:

  • If my license is expired then send me an Android notification.
  • If a scan is finished then log the result in a spreadsheet in Google Drive/Everynote/OneNote.
  • If a scan found threats then call myself on my phone.
  • If my license will expire if < X days then send me an iOS notification.
  • Send me a daily summary of my clients state per e-mail.
  • If the real-time-protection finds a threat then post this on Twitter/Facebook. (of course the Twitter/Facebook account should be private).
  • If the real-time-protection finds a threat then send an SMS to a person (your manager or your boss or somebody else).

Of course also some actions would be possible like:

  • start an on-demand-scan or
  • check VSD for updates
  • create a SysInspector snapshot

But I don't know with which triggers it would be useful...

  • If an astronaut enters space then start an on-demand scan.
  • If it rains then create a SysInspector snapshot. (maybe later I can discover the reason why it rains... ;):D)

OK, maybe this wouldn't be useful :D, but maybe this:

  • If I send an SMS to IFTTT tagged with #ESETscan then scan a client. (so you can manage your client with SMS)
  • If I come home (Android or iOS Location) then check for a VSD update.
  • If the real-time-protection finds a threat then start an on-demand-scan. (there are maybe more bad things...)
  • If WeLiveSecurity reports a global maleware spreading (would uses the Feed channel and the WeLiveSecurity Feed to look for the word "maleware spread") then start an on-demand-scan.

What are the advantages?


At first you could do quite anything automatically and you can especially notify you and other persons about serious states. But not to forget you can also attract new users, because on IFTTT some users would see the ESET channel and would then look what ESET is and maybe try it out.


Do you have more ideas?


Of course. ;)

I posted this in the Business section, because I know that this would be primarily useful for business users, because they have to manage many clients, but of course it would also be really great if this could be added to the home users products, because already some users want to manage there ESET client online and this would be a quite simple step (compared to creating an complete online dashboard) for managing ESET from another device (incl. receiving notifications).

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BTW I hope you'll like my picture of the ESET robot/android looking at the IFTTT website. :)

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