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Get eset odscan return code

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Can i get eset odscan command line return value in php script? 

We are using Eset File Security v4 command line scaner in php script to get scan result at the moment:

exec("/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --clean-mode=none " . $fileToScan . " 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode);

at it saves output in $scanReturnCode variable.

By the way, if we try to use odscan from eset file security v8:

exec("/opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan --scan --profile=\"@Smart scan\" --readonly /var/www/shared/cpprod.error.log 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode);

It does not save output in $scanReturnCode variable.

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Sorry, help is not longer needed. I just needed to use @In-depth scan profile to scan for eicar test file in archives.  So:

exec("/opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan --scan --profile=\"@In-depth scan\" --readonly /var/www/test/eicarcom2.zip 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode);

is working like a charm!

Maybe this will help someone🙂

Archive that I've tested can be found in attachments.


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Ok, so the problem was that that scan profile you used (Smart scan) had scanning of archives disabled.

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