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  1. Sorry, help is not longer needed. I just needed to use @In-depth scan profile to scan for eicar test file in archives. So: exec("/opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan --scan --profile=\"@In-depth scan\" --readonly /var/www/test/eicarcom2.zip 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode); is working like a charm! Maybe this will help someone🙂 Archive that I've tested can be found in attachments.
  2. Can i get eset odscan command line return value in php script? We are using Eset File Security v4 command line scaner in php script to get scan result at the moment: exec("/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --clean-mode=none " . $fileToScan . " 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode); at it saves output in $scanReturnCode variable. By the way, if we try to use odscan from eset file security v8: exec("/opt/eset/efs/bin/odscan --scan --profile=\"@Smart scan\" --readonly /var/www/shared/cpprod.error.log 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode); It does not save output in $scanReturnCode variable.
  3. Sorry, I have one additional question. Do I have to deactivate old license? https://help.eset.com/eba/en-US/deactivate-licenses-on-security-products.html
  4. Thanks. Can we use an existing license file for activating v8? If not, can you provide an instruction how to generate offline license file for v8?
  5. Our company is using Eset file security 4 at the moment, that is activated with an offline license file (.lic). We want to move the antivirus and the license to the other server. Also, we want to use a newer version: Eset server security 8. As i suppose, we need to remove the efs 4 on the old server, install eset server security 8 on the new server and move the license to the new server. Can these be done with the current license? Is Eset file security 4 license valid for Eset business security 8, or can it be converted/recreated somehow? If this is possible, can you provide an detailed instructions what do we need to do with step by step please?
  6. Thanks a lot, it helped to fix the problem🙂 Anyway, it's interesting, what was the possible error cause?
  7. Our company uses eset command line scanner + PHP to scan files: exec("/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --clean-mode=none " . $fileToScan . " 2>&1", $output, $scanReturnCode); From yesterday (19.11.2020) this command suddenly stopped working with error code ($scanReturnCode): 139. What do this error code means, what is code description? I was unnable to find any information about this code in google. Why the problem might be appeared suddenly and how to fix it?
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