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Help with not being able to open files in my email.

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Guest S. Burnam

For some unknown reason I am unable to open my files in my email.  I am on AOL and can open them on my phone without a problem. My 2 computers will not allow me to open or save my files in my email. How do I fix this?  Trying to research this problem all the answers come back to something within my anti-virus program.  I did run a full scan on my computer with my Avast program. Done everything I know to do but nothing is working. I don't want to have to hire someone to come and fix it if I can get help here.  Thank you!  

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Unfortunately this is not a quick question but an issue report. Please sign up for the ESET forum and re-post in the appropriate product subforum.

How do you receive email? Do you read email in a web browser or use an email client? If the former, does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup actually make a difference?

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You mentioned Avast. Do you use eset to? Using two AVs with real-time protection enabled on both is not recommended as it could slow down your system and cause clashes.

If your just using Avast you'd be best using the Avast forum as this is really for eset product support 

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