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How to trigger ESMC server upgrade?

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We are using Eset Protect (Server) Version 8.1 (8.1.1223.0).

A hotfix has been released 2 days ago (ESET PROTECT, but it hasn't popped up yet, no "Update product" menu item. The server already has been restarted some times.

How can we trigger this update notification?


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Since the only change was update of the Apache HTTP Proxy, you don't need to update it unless you use Apache HTTP Proxy on Windows. In that case you it would be enough to download the latest Apache HTTP Proxy and install it, or use the All-In-One ESET PROTECT installer.

A quote from changelog:

Apache HTTP Proxy (v 2.4.46) replaced with the newer version (v 2.4.48) due to discovered vulnerabilities in the older version

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