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Guest david.hatch@ntlworld.com

I have a question that affects two of six ESET licenses as the moment.

My wife and daughter both have laptops that are protected by my ESET license but unfortunately they have very old versions of Windows which we are told are no longer supported by ESET.  My daughters is Windows Vista, and my wife's is Windows 7.  We are not sure what to do about it as neither of the ladies is keen on giving up their laptop as they are used to the way they work and can't really afford to buy a new one.  

So, my question is what if anything should or can we do?

  1. Is there a version of ESET that would still provide protection for these old laptops, or is there an alternative AV app. that ESET would recommend?
  2. My wife has just rung me to tell me that she is being blocked from accessing her online banking on her laptop and I'm wondering if this is the ESET Banking App. on her machine trying to protect her.  That raises the question as to whether we would be better off uninstalling ESET from these two machines as if they are not protecting them anymore its a waste paying for the license and I wonder if in not working they might actually start inhibiting their use.  Such as blocking access to online bank accounts.

Any advice gratefully received.




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As for Windows Vista, unfortunately we won't have any solution for home users since the OS is no longer supported.

As for Windows 7, with SP1 and the appropriate Windows updates adding SHA-2 code signing support you can install the latest v14.1 on it. However, the fact that Microsoft stopped issues also security updates for this OS a long time ago the OS contains vulnerabilities that can be exploited in attacks. Therefore we highly recommend using a fully supported OS.

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