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How to add rule to block traffic in an application?

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I need to generate a rule in firewall or HIPS to block an application. But without depending on a file path.

I was able to generate a rule in Hips to block without problem, but if this route is changed it executes.

The same happens in Firewall

For example: in one of the ESET default rules in policy "Firewall - Block all traffic except connection ESET PROTECT and EEI" there is a label in application% EraAgentPath% or% EIAgentInstallDir% EIagent.exe


Can you generate something like that with any application but to block traffic?


I appreciate the support.




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Unfortunately it's not possible. As for HIPS rules, you can either apply it to all or specific applications with a path. Likewise fFirewall rules currently require the full path to an application.

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