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ARM64 Home products BETA signup

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On 2/2/2021 at 3:57 AM, Peter Randziak said:

For anyone interested in trying ESET Home products for ARM64 platform, we have good news to share.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus natively running on ARM64 is available for BETA testing, you can sign up just by  replying here, or by sending me (@Peter Randziak) or @TomasP a private message.

BETA licenses free of charge are available for this test. 


We are looking forward to your feedback,
Peter on behalf of the teams involved

P.S.: ESET Endpoint products should be available within a few weeks.

I'v sent the privacy message and how can i get the beta build?

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Hello @AlexMagik

On 5/17/2021 at 9:56 AM, AlexMagik said:

I would love to participate as well... i've the Surface Pro X.

I added you to the ARM64 BETA for the business users, but I noticed you signed up in the BETA for home users as well.

Please let me know in which product (for home users or for business users) are you being interested in so I can sign you up to the correct one...


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  • ESET Moderators
3 hours ago, ideez said:

Hello @Peter Randziak
I didn't receive your message.
Thanks for resend it me

Hello Sylvie,

I found the conversation from March 3, I will reply to it in a minute so just check your ESET Forum messenger athttps://forum.eset.com/messenger/

Regards, Peter

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2 hours ago, Peter Randziak said:

Hello @Tomoki Chino and @onigiri,

thank you for signing up.

I granted you the access rights and sent you private messages with further instructions.


Hello Peter,


I would like to join the Beta Program for Business customers.

Can you send me a private message with a details?


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