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  1. I'm using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. It does happen on a few sites, but not on all. i will provide the sites where this happen when i see happening again (sorry i don't remember by memory).
  2. Not sure if because of the beta, or always been... but on MS Edge, the password manager extension is extremely slow. after login, the popup to save the password is often "stuck" for 30sec or more, before either can close or save. The account field is empty while is "waiting", then get compiled when can actually be saved/closed.
  3. sorry for the late reply. yes that item is enabled. but up to now, even interactive mode is quite annoying as often the same app/network/protocol comes up asking to be allowed (usually 3 times each time).
  4. Exactly, if ESET can preset rules for common programs like Office, Teams, Slack, Skype, Adobe Cloud, etc. no need to cover all, but if can cover the most common ones, would make the life of normal users easier...
  5. yes, changing to interactive mode, will trigger quite a lot of dialogs to allow/block... then will work. my suggestion is to make these rules directly in allow, so that such software would work out-of-the-box, as a lot of users would not know about going interactive mode.
  6. I had to switch to "Interactive mode" to fix Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, OneNote. Especially MS Teams was taking ages to connect and was because ESET was blocking the default ports that uses to connect. Once allowed, it restart working as usual. I would suggest to preload some common APPS firewall rules with the installation / updates.
  7. I would love the beta testing as well, i got the Surface Pro X and if test successfully i definitely going to buy ESET license.
  8. I would love to participate as well... i've the Surface Pro X.
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