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When I test the anti-thief from my laptop.

It's able to locate & snapshot the pc screen, however problem is 

the webcam taking a shot becomes black as no picture on it, just black screen.

There isn't any settings for selecting webcam ???

So what's the problem with the webcam unable to take clear photo shot?



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Hey ozpacific, just a thought


It could be that this issue you have, regarding not to be able to take a snapshot with your webcam in Anti Theft mode, could be related to the brand of your computer (e.g. Dell/Asus), hardware, and maybe software related. I think, that contacting your local Eset provider's Customer Care service with this problem, could be a good idea. (have been searching the "knowledge base", but found nothing regarding this specific problem, sorry.)



Link to local provider: Select your country



Regards, Janus

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