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ESET Game "Virus Killer"


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On the American ESET website I saw a game.


hxxp://www.eset.com/us/home/staying-secure/ (at the bottom)


There is linked to the Flash file:



But it don't work! It only displays a black background. So I can't play this game. :(

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Have you tried updating Flash? There should be no regional restrictions on the game.

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I have installed Flash v 13,0,0,214 (the newest).


And I tried to play this game with Firefox 29.0.1 and IE 11, but it don't work. All is black.


Does it work to you?


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Now it will be strange.


I tried to reinstall Flash Player and thereby I installed a new version of Flash Player (14,0,0,125). All OK.


Now I went to the online settings manager.

But the online settings manager don't save his settings. If I change the slider, go to another "tab" and go back it is set to the previous state. The same in Internet Explorer.

And I can click the check boxes in Firefox (it don't check them).


But there is another strange thing. There are other settings in IE and FF:



And also Flash don't saves the flash cookie, which should be set by this cookie test website: hxxp://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Browser/FlashCookies/Default.html

The text I have entered isn't displayed any more if I reload.


Now another strange thing: With every reload I did in Firefox (not in IE) with the Flash Game site, there will created an empty .tmp-file in my download dir:


And this files ignore my download dir set in my Firefox settings. These files will always created in the default download dir of windows.

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