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Can someone explain what to buy as I cannot work out what i need?!!


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I need one more anti-virus license for a Win10 machine.

I have 3 licenses on Smart Security, so do I just buy new licence? In which case what product? as there appears to be ESET Internet Security and 

ESET Cyber Security Pro and Essential Protection?!?! 

Is Smart Security no longer available? if yes which one has replaced it? 

Rather annoyingly the protection is only 1-5 https://www.screencast.com/t/Lpv9x2Rx  So presumably i have to buy another 1-5 device license? Which means there is 4 more than I need?

Sorry for all the questions, but without a phone number to speak to someone, with no way of sending a support ticket, certainly not one I could find or having an online chat!  I am a little stuck! 


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I see that you have 3 separate licenses for ESET Internet Security (former ESET Smart Security). I'd recommend contacting ESET UK to merge the 3 licenses and extend it to 4-10 seats which ESET UK offers:


An EIS license also entitles you to download ESET CyberSecurity Pro for Mac.

As for Essential protection, this provides only ESET NOD32 Antivirus which doesn't contain network attack protection also protects from RDP brute-force attacks, a common attack vector by attacker who run ransomware once they get to a remote system. Besides that, ESET Internet Security (Advanced protection) provides also firewall, antispam and Anti-Theft features.

The third product ESET Smart Security Premium (Ultimate protection) is basically EIS with disk encryption and password manager features included.


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