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Populating and using ESMC

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Greetings from the LION. I am a big furry mammal of the feline persuasion. I have big furry paws that can cover three or four keys at a time. And given my hoary old age I cannot see the monitors, nor understand your instructions (in the help section) as well as I used to. Now I have been running eSet products on our network for more than 25 years and used to have whatever management console you used way back then.

Specifically I can not seem to deploy and connect my workstations and servers to the ESMC. There seem to be more circles there than in a three ring circus. Now I do have many programs that seem to have no problem taking an inventory of my entire network without any intervention from my big furry paws. Among these are SpiceWorks, Slitheris, Advance IP Scanner,  NEWT Professional, Tree Size Professional and so many others. Ergo I see no reason why eset can not make this discovery without any help from me.

Alas, but it does require such intervention. It would seem reason able to be able to find simple instructions (A BOOK WOULD HELP!) that would guide me through your steps. The online help is any thing but helpful, maybe because my feline eyes will jump to any link that moves or looks tasty, and I never get to read the whole thing in a manner that I can digest. (Us cats eat only meat, and not vegetables.)

Perhaps there is some kind soul (or zookeeper) out there who can help guide me through the steps one by one until I can get this monstrosity to work for me, after all, I do have a whole network running on v6 or older, and things should really be put up so that I can manage them.


PS I have 40 MS Win 10 Pro workstations, and 5 MS Win Server 2019 servers. A few of the work stations are still 32 bit but most are 64 bit. It seems to make a difference to you, but I can assure you that NEWT Professional can tell all of these apart and could load the correct upgrades to them if it were in the business of uploading upgrades.

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You can generate a live agent installer and deploy it via GPO in a domain. Clients will start reporting to ESMC and the console will populate with clients then. There are several alternate ways how to deploy agent, for details please read https://support.eset.com/en/kb6735-deploy-the-eset-management-agent-7x.

In order to find unmanaged devices in your network, install the Rogue Detection Sensor.  You can then click rogue computer on the dashboard to get a list of them and add them.


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