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Protocol scaning and Certificate trust exceptions

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ESET protocol scanning replaces server certificate with it's own.
Depending if server certificate is trusted or not, it uses it's own trusted or not trusted certificate.
When Certificate's TA is added to computer Trusted Root Certification Autorities (see image), many programs on computer consider this certificate signed bu trusted party.
I suspect some ESET versions (endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2041) are not seeing these certificate as signed by trusted authority? (see image)



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Check if you have the ESET root certificate in the Tunderbird's trusted root CA certificate store.


If not, export the root certificate and import it manually.


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Thank you, definitely useful information in some cases (like portable Thunderbird etc).
In my case this certificate was already there.

I got to look at ESET certificate and it has "The original certificate provided by the web server is untrusted" in issuer data.
Then i used openssl to check original certificate of email server.
Turns out, there was just regular self signed certificate. My mistake.
Sorry for bothering, ESET works as expected

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