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RAS not displaying "last files scanned" for clients...

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I have talked to support about this and sent them all of the files they have requested and now they just seemed to lose interest in the case as I haven't heard back from them for quite some time now so I thought I would head over to the forum to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and what they did to resolve it.


I using File Security on a bunch on Linux servers and ever since I installed it on them they seem to report in to the RAS and update from the mirror that I set up on the same server however the RAS never shows the results from their nightly scan.  I can log into any of them at any time and see the results via the web interface (or at least confirm that the scan ran) but those results never get to the RAS.  I have confirmed that it does work on test clients that i set up (that aren't running anything else besides the ESET product) but any server that is being used for something else never reports.  I am using an edited default policy that came with the RAS to control all of the clients config files so none of them are being manually edited (in fact after I install the package on my Linux server the only edit I make to the config file is to give it the RACL address, save it, quit the editor and then start the daemon).


If anyone has any idea what might be causing this could you please drop me a line.  I am desperate at this point and open to any suggestions or ideas.



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 Hi jtelep,


This issue occurs because there is a hard-coded limit to the size of files Remote Administrator (ERA) can accept from its clients. By default, File Security for Linux will log every object it scans.


To resolve this, our Linux developers suggest changing File Security’s configuration file (esets.cfg) to log only important events (e.g. errors, warnings, etc.). Simply change the syslog_class values in esets.cfg and restart the esets daemon. This will reduce the log size so there should not be any issue transferring them to the ERA server. For directions on this process, please see the steps below:

  1. Edit the configuration file, the default location is /etc/opt/eset/esets/esets.cfg
  2. Change line 73 to: syslog_class = "error:warning:summ:part"
  3. Save the configuration file
  4. Restart the esets daemon using the following command: sudo service esets restart
  5. Send an On-Demand scan task from the ERA server, or wait until the next scheduled scan completes


Thank you,

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