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G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook(R) has found conflicting add-ins installed

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Hi My client uses GSuite for email, Outlook as the client and has NOD32 AV. It's a Windows 10 OS. To be the best of my knowledge everything is updated to the latest version. After a couple of years of no issues, they received the follow alert as an email. I can't find a fix for this. Can you suggest something other than disabling the add-in?



From: G Suite Sync Team <mail-noreply@google.com>
Sent: Wednesday, 8 July 2020 10:24 AM
To: <email address removed>
Subject: [Alert] G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook® has found conflicting add-ins installed


Dear G Suite Sync user,

G Suite Sync has scanned your Microsoft Outlook® profile and detected some add-ins that could cause synchronization problems:

  • ESET Outlook Add-in

Please be advised that the listed add-ins should not be used in conjunction with G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook®, as we have received reports of synchronization issues when they are used together.

Learn how to disable add-ins.

The G Suite Sync Team


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Unfortunately we don't know what particular issue Google is referring to. Also you wrote that you had been using ESET and G Suite without issues so I'd recommend disregarding the alert unless there's an actual issue.

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OK, will keep an eye on it and if it happens again will see if there's extra detail provided.

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