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Error SQLEXPR_2014_x64_ENU.exe upgrading with all in one installer

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Hello .

when upgrading our Eset Security management center with the all in one installer the installer begins with upgrading SQL and shows error 

SQLEXPR_2014_x64_ENU.exe Code: -2068578302(0x84b0002)

our sql is up to date with latest updates. still the all in one installer tries to upgrade sql.

logfile shows : 

06/15/2020 12:08:23.035 Attempting to run user requested action from media ScenarioEngine.exe 
06/15/2020 12:08:23.035 Attempting to launch process C:\temp\12-6\SQLEXPR_2014_x64_ENU\x64\ScenarioEngine.exe 
06/15/2020 12:08:36.096 Process returned exit code: 0x84B40002 
06/15/2020 12:08:36.112 Media ScenarioEngine.exe returned exit code: 0x84B40002 


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