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Manual Update check causes ESET app to close

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I have two Android phones with ESET mobile security installed they are Android Oreo 8.1.0 (up to date) with ESET version (showing as up to date). I had installed ESET mobile security from the .apk originally about a year ago. 

When hitting the "Update" in the ESET app under settings the app says "checking" briefly and than closes. I was wondering if that is normal, I seem to remember it checking and letting me know it saw no new version before.

It looks like auto update is working fine, I don't manually check this very often just once and a while to ensure a auto update was not missed.

Thanks - ebill

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I fixed this issue - I found out what I "may" (probably) had done that caused this issue.

It had to do with phone permissions, I must have inadvertently undone the ESET app permission to "Install applications from outside sources"

I downloaded and installed the latest .apk file and installed it. This brought me up to date and uncovered my personal error with the app's permissions.

I hope this helps someone who finds they cannot successfully "check" for updates on android.


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