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question regarding false positive

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I'm trying to understand why eset detects my application falsely.

the application is detected:

a variant of Win32 / RBPlus.A


also, the website detects as:

This page is identified as potentially unwanted.

This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content.


My question is,

where can get more information and why this detections happens (BOTH DETECTIONS).

I posted on `Malware Finding and Cleaning`

but moderator closed the topic with showing some kind of review on our site. (how can it be that ESET base its data on review ?!)



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The only way to get your questions answered will be to follow the proper procedure underlined in the following KB article:

How do I submit a virus, website or potential false positive sample to ESET's lab?


The Forum is not for disputing or resolving these types of inquiries.


Also as Marcos had stated, the type of detection is a PUA. This is completely optional to users. You can tell any of your clients/customers to simply disable the detection type to use whatever software or domain you are referring to. ESET also does not base detection off reviews, i am afraid you are misinformed. ESET has a research team and lab working around the clock.


This Topic can now also be closed as well.

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And PUA detections are rarely FP's knowing that.


Before classifying a programs as a PUA, senior researchers at ESET's threat research lab examine a program to determine if it belongs in this category. Each examination is done on a case-by-case basis.
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Thanks friends for your replies.


But the question is,

How can i know why this detection happens.


and more than that, they also blocking our software file, with:

a variant of Win32 / RBPlus.A


is it means also PUA ?

where I can find at least details for the problem??


Thanks in advance for your help!!

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