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License Key and its security

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Good afternoon,

I have bought ESET Security Pack (3+3) from a local seller and received the License Key via email. The problem is that this License Key was sent by shop worker via email in a very manual manner, posing a risk that a 3rd party person may use my license key to illegaly activate his/her device.

Since in current versions of ESET products, licence key effectively works as a password in order to activate device, there is a general possiblity of leaking it. Furthermore, the license key cannot be changed and this is the only way to activate a device - no option in ESET License Manager exists to enable me to lock my license key to a specific set of devices.

1. Is my 20-character license key considered public or private (keep secret like every other password)?

2. Should I worry about my key being leaked and used by a 3rd party person? What can be done in that case?

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The license key is private, only the public license ID in the form XXX-XXX-XXX is public. You should have received your license email from a trusted system, not from a private or personal email address. In such case, you should be able to ask the seller to reset the license key and provide a new one.



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