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  1. Hello, I'm trying to transfer an ESET Internet Security licence from one Licence Manager account (A) to another (B), in the following steps: 1. I remove license from account A, without disabling it on devices. 2. I enter that license's key in account B, trying to add it. ESET correctly sends verification link to email account associated with account A. 3. After clicking verification link (being either already logged to account A or not), nothing happens - blank page is displayed. The page is literally blank - after viewing page source there is no HTML. Since there is no red
  2. Good afternoon, I have bought ESET Security Pack (3+3) from a local seller and received the License Key via email. The problem is that this License Key was sent by shop worker via email in a very manual manner, posing a risk that a 3rd party person may use my license key to illegaly activate his/her device. Since in current versions of ESET products, licence key effectively works as a password in order to activate device, there is a general possiblity of leaking it. Furthermore, the license key cannot be changed and this is the only way to activate a device - no option in ESET Licens
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