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"Address has been blocked"; now, how to unblock it.

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Have some addresses that eset blocks automatically.  In trying to unblock them, I looked to the "Temporary IP address blacklist."  Empty.  Next, off to "Setup" and then "Advanced Setup," then Web Access protection" ... then URL Address Management | Address list | List of blocked addresses.  Again, empty.  So, some questions:

1) does eset generate any list of those URLs that have been blocked and are indicated as such with the "address has been blocked" pop-up?  If so, where is that list to be found?

2) where does one go in eset to unblock an address (that) has been blocked in this manner?


P.S. Running eset Internet Security on Win. 7.

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You should report it to samples[at]eset.com to find out why it's blocked. You shouldn't make any exclusions or disable protection to allow access to the website or you may get infected with malware.

It could be that there was malware on the blocked website in the past and it's clean now. ESET engineers would unblock it in such case.

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