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Scam website opened in a browser

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once i have entered google I receive a message to call a number and that my computer has been infected. i have run my eset and it does not detect anything.

need help 

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It sounds like a scam website that opened. If it opens when you enter www.google.com in the address bar, then your computer is either infected (e.g. hosts file was modified) or your router was hacked. There's also a chance that your ISP became a victim of a DNS spoofing attack but that's rather unlikely.

You can try using a different browser, setting Google DNS servers and, resetting your router to factory settings, etc.

If it's possible to copy the address, please copy and paste it here, however, make sure that the address is non-clickable. Or at least post a screen shot of it with the address included in the screen shot.

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