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Tasks scheduled but not running in ECA

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Ahoj folks!


I created a Software Install tasks on my ECA to install EES on my endpoint. The endpoint is running Win 7, and has internet connection.

I pointed the task to download from (Chinese version i know) :


But the task shown in ECA remains "Scheduled" after over 30 minutes ( see below screenshot). Is there a manual override I can do to trigger the task immediately?

I verified that my Win 7 endpoint has ERAAgent.exe running.



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  • ESET Staff

AFAIK, the standard agent replication is set to one hour. To speed things up, like In this case, what I would recommend triggering a "wake up call". You can do it by clicking on the list of devices, and selecting "send wake up call". 

eca screen.png

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Hi MichalJ,

Thanks for replying. I did "Send Wake Up Call" and it still doesnt trigger the task at all.

It remains at Task Scheduled.

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