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    ILoveESET gave kudos to MichalJ in Relationship between EEI and LiveGrid   
    Hello, EEI sends just the hashes, for verification. However ESET applications (in case Live Grid Feedback System is enabled) do send files for in-depth analysis / replication. However your assumption is incorrect - popularity is determined by how often the file is seen in LiveGrid, reputation is the result of the replication / file behavior. 
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    ILoveESET gave kudos to Marcos in Understanding EEI Dashboard   
    The higher a circle is on the Y axis, the more machines in your LAN have particular files. The further a circle is on the X axis, the more ESET users have the file (ie. the more popular it is worldwide).  The bigger a circle is, the more such files you have.
    To illustrate it on a concrete example:
    The red-marked circle means that you have quite many files that exist only on 1 computer in your LAN but are quite popular among ESET users since the LG popularity is 7 (1-10 mil. of users):

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