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Endpoint Antivirus Scheduling - Problems with scanning mapped drive


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When I schedule a scan for a mapped drive, the scan executes on schedule but immediately finishes and says 0 objects scanned. When checking the log, the log says invalid drive. How do I set a scheduled task to scan a mapped network drive?

Endpoint Antivirus Version 6.2.2021.0 and also on Endpoint Antivirus 7.0.2100.4

To replicate:

  1. Go to Tools
  2. Add Task
  3. Select On demand computer scan
  4. Daily
  5. Choose any time
  6. Select As soon as possible
  7. Computer Scan: Select a mapped network drive
  8. Click OK
  9. Right click on the newly created scheduled task and click Run Now
  10. The scan will immediately say Scan completed. Expected behavior: the scan should begin scanning the mapped network drive.


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The fix was to add the local user, running the scan, to the server host. Then on the local system, add a scheduled scan to scan the network path \\192.168.X.X\path

Works great! Thank you very much Marcos.

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