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Eset Endpoint AV Version: 7.0.2100.4 causing issues with IMAP


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Just installed 8 licenses of Eset Endpoint Antivirus Version: 7.0.2100.4 and it caused havoc with IMAP causing send and receive to stop working. In the end I had to switch off IMAP protocol port checking options for IMAP to continue to work. The users just got a synchronising subscribed folder error when doing a Send and Receive.

2 users with Exchange mailboxes continued unaffected.


Any thoughts.

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Does switching to pre-release updates in the advanced update setup make a difference?

What version of MS Exchange server is used on the mail server? Please check if temporarily disabling antispam protection or scanning received email make a difference.

Also please carry on as follows:
- in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, enable advanced network protection and advanced protocol filtering logging
- reproduce the issue
- stop logging
- gather logs with ESET Log Collector (ELC) and post the generated archive here.

Since this forum is not meant to substitute customer care (e.g. it doesn't enable us to track cases), I would also recommend raising a ticket for your local customer care and providing them with the output from ELC.

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Are IMAP/S ports properly configured?


In Windows Vista and later, IMAP and POP3 protocols are automatically detected and scanned on all ports. In Windows XP, only the configured Ports used by the IMAP/POP3 protocol are scanned for all applications, and all ports are scanned for applications marked as Web and email clients.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus also supports the scanning of IMAPS and POP3S protocols, which use an encrypted channel to transfer information between server and client. ESET Endpoint Antivirus checks communication utilizing the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. The program will only scan traffic on ports defined in Ports used by IMAPS/POP3S protocol, regardless of operating system version.


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