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The installation was not completed successfully

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This all started when I updated windows 10. After the update while in the startup an error popped up saying "Error communicating with kernel." So i looked it up and found the services.msc fix. But that didnt work for me since every button on the ESET Service properties is grayed out. Check picture below for reference. After this fix didnt work, i tried uninstalling my ESET the regular way and restarted the PC. After this i downloaded the new version from the site and then tried installing it. But thats where i encountered the error saying "The installation was not completed successfully". Also refer to picture below for reference. Of course i tried running the Specialized Cleaner but it found no potentials threats. I even installed the ESET Uninstaller but that didnt help either. It didnt found any files relating to Antivirus. Any thoughts on this?



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Try uninstalling ESET in safe mode using the Uninstall tool.

Should the problem persist, gather logs with ELC and provide me with the generated archive. Also if possible, create and provide a Procmon log from a failed install as well.

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