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Web and Mail protocol Filtering is Non-Functional.


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My home screen of ESET NOD32 Antivirus (version shows:


My current subscription is up on September 28th, but unless I can resolve the above two issues, I do not plan to continue my annual subscription.

When I access the setup screen, the "Internet protection" menu item states "Not all required internet protection features are active" and when I access the Internet Protection menu it contains:

Web access protection
However, all settings are shown as selected and active.

Anti-Phishing protection
This functionality is non-functional because other required modules are not active.
However, Basic selection is active.

What modules are not being activated that are disabling my Internet Protection?


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If possible, please continue as follows:
- temporarily uninstall EAV
- install ESET Internet Security 11.2.49 and activate a trial version
- under Help and support in the main gui, click Details for customer care and enable advanced logging
- reboot the machine
- stop logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive here.

There is probably a problem with registration to BFE, e.g. the Base Filtering Engine service might not be running.
After we get EIS work alright, you can uninstall EIS and install EAV which should then work alright.

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