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Eset vs Anti-Phishing Tests for Av-Comparative

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From the av-comparatives.org, you still are not a certified AV for anti-phishing tests, sadly the report doesn't show the score of Eset or other venders in this test. And for your defense, not many vendors passes this test it seems. But I'm curious, did av-comparatives sent you your score? And if yes, can you disclose it? And are we well protected from fishing with Eset?

One good thing is that Eset is always one of top performer and usually in the top 5-7 in protection , but wished that your product would be better in the compromise area from their tests. But I cannot argue that 99.1% of protection is bad :)


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For reference, always post the link of the report you are referencing. There are multiple tests posted AV-C.

Here's the link: https://www.av-comparatives.org/testmethod/anti-phishing-tests/ . Appears these are optional tests. I assume they are at cost. Suspect this is the reason why Eset declined the certification. They already participate in the AV-C comparative tests.

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