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  1. Hello, Since the Microsoft Replacement for Edge will be officially be released next week, any plans to have support for it since it's based on Chronium? Like Banking and password manager?
  2. He has his way of testing, what I consider interesting is how the AV react when the system is locally attacked. Not filtered from the web or AV blocking the malware already on disk. Karspersky and Bitdefender handle his way of testing very well. Windows Defender not so much since it didn't was able to catch the malware before being written on disk. The ver 12 didn't go well last time, but very happy to see that v13 is handling his test very well. It's just fun to see some AV having troubles like Malware Bytes that seem to suffer as much as Windows defender. Personnaly, I have more confidence with www.av-comparatives.org
  3. I know your are not a fan of this guy. But this time you did very good.
  4. I did saw the browser list in the help file. That's why I'm asking if ESET are gonna add Edge to the list for the password manager
  5. Will you add support for the Edge browser for the password manager when the Win10 Anniversary get out next month?
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