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Backing up ESET Database

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Hi guys,

First of all this is a stupid question:

I am backing up my ESET server using this script: SQLCMD -S LOCALHOST\ERASQL -q "BACKUP DATABASE ERA_DB TO DISK = N'BACKUPFILE'"

It executes fine, but I can't find the location of the backup file on the computer. Is there something I am leaving out that I can specify a location to save the backup file?

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SQL default backup location is typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\%InstanceName%\MSSQL\Backup  where %InstanceName% is the specific to your environment.

You can always replace 'BACKUPFILE' with an explicit path (e.g. C:\backup\backupfile.bak) or add a file extension (e.g. BACKUPFILE.bak) and search for *.bak.


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