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  1. I successfully uninstalled ESET using the uninstaller tool, rebooted and ran the installer again and I didn't have any Malware issues preventing the fresh installation of ESET Endpoint Security 7.2.2055.0! All is well now and running up to speed. Thanks for all the responses guys. Cp3p0 thanks for the solution.
  2. Marcos, I've been very busy with doing some hardware updates on the desktops here, but hope to follow the procedure you laid out for me this afternoon. Again, thanks for the help!
  3. Will this logging program work with the business version of the ESET client?
  4. Ok, I'll work on getting that done. Thanks again for the assistance.
  5. Hi Marcos, I ran the online scanner and it did not find anything. What do you suggest I do next? Thanks, Scott
  6. I'm running it now and let you guys know what it finds. Thanks!
  7. I am trying to install ESET Endpoint Security on a workstation running Windows 7 Pro, I am going to upgrade the OS to Windows 10 Pro after the ESET update however when I go to install ESET I get the error that it failed to install, this could be because your system possibly is infected with Malware. Then it gives me the option to scan for malware and it says it found malware and cleaned it. But when I go to install ESET again it gives me the same message. I am updating from ESET Endpoint Security 7.0.2091.0 to ESET Endpoint security 7.2.2055.0
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