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    Hi Aim2018, In order to give you accurate trouble shooting help we might need a bit more information on what you're trying to achieve. Assuming you're trying to push a installation package from the ESMC/ERA console, I would first check whether you have defined any HTTP proxy settings on the ESMC/ERA Server. (ERA/ESMC Admin/More > Server Settings > Advanced Settings > HTTP Proxy) Now ensure that the Proxy or ESMC/ERA are able to reach ESET's repository by white-listing the mentioned addresses: https://support.eset.com/Platform/Publishing/images/Authoring/Image Files/ESET/KB_ENG/Repository.txt
  2. Cp3p0


    Hi Andrew, Yeap. Just make sure that the Offline computers are able to reach the Server/Machine which has the HTTP Proxy installed on over port 3128. Now make sure that the Server/Machine with the HTTP proxy installed has a clear line of site to the following list of ESET servers found here: https://support.eset.com/kb332/#era6 -Download detection engine and module updates -Download product installers, updates -Expiration date -ESET Live Grid -Antispam -GUI -ESET Data Framework -ERA6/ESMC 7 -ESET Push Notification Service -Serives Now, make the necessary HTTP Proxy policy configuration changes from the ERA/ESMC and apply to all machines you wish to have updating locally. Agent Policy -> ESET Remote Administrator Agent -> Settings > Advanced > Use HTTP Proxy - Set to HTTP Proxy address. For the download of Security Software installation files (ESET Remote Administrator Agent/Advanced Settings/HTTP Proxy) Endpoint Antivirus Policy > ESET Security Product for Windows > Advanced Settings > Tools > Proxy Server - Can use either Corporate Web Proxy address or internal HTTP proxy address. Used for client traffic to the internet (Live Grid, Activation etc.) - (In your case do not set as Corporate Web Proxy as this will create issues with your offline licencing.) Endpoint Antivirus Policy > ESET Security Product for Windows > Update > Profiles > Connection Options > Proxy Server - Set this to internal HTTP Proxy. Used for Virus Signiture updates Please make sure the Server/Machine with the HTTP Proxy installed has a clear line of site, this includes no proxy chaining as it is not supported.