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  1. Hi guys, Apologies If I'm replying on-top of anyone. We have a considerably large customer running the affected v5.0xx Endpoint along side a 6.x ERA. All version 5.x machines are updating from a v7.x File Security Mirror server. I've read that the current update module version 1559.4 resolves the issue. Two questions. 1) Is this module updated via Virus signature? Does the Mirror server need "Component Updates" enabled? 2) Is there any clear way to confirm that the affected machines have received this update via the ERA? Before we push out a later product installer, we want to absolutely confirm these machines are ready. Before anyone suggest checking on the endpoint itself, It's not really possible to check the hundreds of machines locally. Thank you
  2. Hey, When you create a new task in the ESMC, the task is added to a queue and will be executed automatically the next time the computer checks in (typically 1 minute which is default Agent replication time). Looking at the screenshot, the task was picked up and executed. You'll have to wait a little while for the status to change to either finished or fail. If you want the task to execute immediately, send a wake-up call to the computer via actions tab. This will force the computer to check in and pick up any pending task or simply update the machines status. Also, FYI, I would recommend creating a generic company ESET Business Account (EBA) www.eba.eset.com, adding your company licencing to this account, then signing into your ESMC with this EBA account. This will make managing licence usage of your licences much easier. ESET Security Management Center Administration Guide - https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/71/en-US/ ESET Business Account Getting Started Guide - https://help.eset.com/eba/en-US/
  3. Thank you guys for the response! With your help I figured out what the issue was. The EI Server certificate only contained the EI Server host name. However, my EI Agents used the my server Alias as the "Connect to Server" address. Note to self, if you're going to use the alias for connecting your Agents, make sure it's also mentioned on the EI Server Certificate. (Not just the server hostname.... Duh)
  4. Hi Scott, Just my 2c... If you've got sometime to trouble shoot I would recommend giving the Manual Uninstaller tool a shot. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool You'll need to reboot your computer in Safe-mode then try again. This occasionally works for me.
  5. Hi All, I'm turning to the forums for help. I'm experiencing trouble getting my EEI Agents to report back to the EEI Server. After EEI Agent installation I receive the warning messages from within the ESMC: "Missing or invalid SSL certificate or certificate authority" & "Can't connect to Enterprise Inspector Server" From the trace log found under "C:\ProgramData\ESET\EnterpriseInspector\Agent\logs" on the machine I can see errors like: "Error while sending request to server at "xxxx.local:8093". unknown protocol" "Error while sending request to server at "xxxx.local:8093". certificate verify failed" Please help! I've been scratching my head but cannot see where I went wrong with the configuration? I will outline the steps I've taken below: 1) Install the EEI Agent using the following Client Task from the ESMC console: 2) Apply a new ESET Enterprise Inspector Agent Policy where I define the only CA found in my ESMC under "Certificate Authorities". Please note there are no other Enterprise Inspector Policies applied: 3) After a replication or two these are the errors visible from the ESMC: 4) Trace log from the EEI Agent Machine: Re-installing the Agent both via Client task/Manual Repair does not resolve the issue :(. Any advice would truly be appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Hey @BeanSlappers All home edition products NOD32, EIS & ESSP scan Network Drives which includes NAS on the fly. Setup > Advanced Setup > Detection Engine > Real-Time... > Media to Scan Although perfect for small-time NAS users, this wouldn't be ideal for a NAS being accessed by dozens of people as it's not at the ICAP/Array level. Typically ICAP is used for a more enterprise approach, you'll often see other Vendors market this with "Protection Engine" or "In-line Setups". ESET only offer ICAP scanning within their business solutions; ESET File Security For Linux. & ESET Gateway Security (currently being phased out). TLDR: Yes & No
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