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  1. Dear Sir, Our customer using ESET Internet Security v12.0.31.0 and he facing issue in 4 systems, Unable to access internet in Google Chrome and webpage can’t display or page unresponsive. Observation: 1. Issue not occurring in other browser (Edge or Internet Explorer) 2. Already ESET Firewall filtering mode set to Learning state. 3. Pause Web Access Protection and SSL/TLS, but issue not resolved 4. Issue resolved after pause Firewall Protection. Solution: remove all firewall rules in ESET Advance Setup. Collect ESET Log Collector log with Advance diagnostic logging and Procmon log and upload it here. Procmon log: ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/Logfile_Yashvi.PML ESET Log Collector Log: ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/eis_logs_Yashvi1.zip So please check issue and do needful as soon.
  2. EDTD is enabled. Customer using 400 Endpoints and issue occurred today only 43 systems.
  3. ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not accessible warring massage show in ESMC console. but no any alert in ESET Endpoint Security dashboard, so find attached ESET Log Collector log and do needful. ees_logs.zip
  4. Haresh2015

    EraServerSvc failed to start

    any update for issue.
  5. Haresh2015

    EraServerSvc failed to start

    ESMC Server can't install and error occurred Service 'ESET Security Management Center Server' (EraServerSvc) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services. Find attached logs and do needful logs.rar
  6. Our customer using ESET Endpoint Protection Advance in 400 system and Device Control configured with blocked Disk Storage & Portable Device He facing issue randomly in some system is stuck off when user is working and Keyboard and Mouse is hang up therefore forcefully shut down and restart it. If disable Device Control completely after issue not occurred. OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Product: ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.0.2091.0 So find attached ESET Log Collector log and do needful as soon.